You know massage will make you feel better, but it’s understandable that not everyone can make time for regular appointments in today’s busy world. Even if you can’t commit to regular massages, you can experience several “instantly-gratifying” results. Check out these 3 things massage can help you with right now. Headaches  Tension headaches (often called stress headaches) are the most common type of headaches among adults. If you experience pain or pressure in your forehead or on the top or sides of your head, it’s likely related to tension or stress. Right now, there are plenty of things to stress you out! Sitting too long at your computer or desk, extra care for keeping kids healthy and engaged (especially when you’re the teacher, too!), and daily tasks that are simply more burdensome – and a whole lot of “life stuff” that is just piling up. Massage can help get rid of that headache and regular massage may well keep it from coming back. I’m happy to talk with you more about how to address your headaches or any other symptoms you have. Schedule some time with me or contact me so we can get you feeling better! Low Back Pain A major research study was published in 2011 showing that massage therapy was better than drugs and usual care for general lower back pain. Better. Than. Drugs. Really, and backed with research! Just like a headache, lower back pain can be from any number of stressors: sitting too long, working at a computer or desk, hunched over your kids homework, kids homework in general, and too many things to list. Many of you will experience low back pain at some point in your life. If or when it happens to you, don’t suffer and don’t wait. Get in right away! Contact me or book online so you can get back into action. Anxiety April is National Anxiety Month. Anxiety manifest in many different ways in our bodies – racing heart, trembling, tummy aches, headaches, racing mind, and plenty more physical and mental symptoms. Some anxiety is much worse than others, but any level of it can make you tense and stressed. If you start feeling anxious or stressed, it might be time for some self care. Massage is a common treatment for mental and emotional issues like anxiety. It’s becoming more and more mainstream, even as a treatment at a hospital or a clinic. And, your insurance may even cover massage therapy services (check with your primary doctor and your insurance company). If you’ve been feeling anxious or stressed (or both), book an appointment online or contact me directly to see if I can get you in earlier. The sooner you get back to your happy self, the more fun life will be!