There is no doubt about the benefits of massage and massage therapies. If you’ve ever received a therapeutic massage, you know what I’m talking about. You feel it immediately. Relaxed muscles that were once tense and an overall tranquil feeling from released endorphins are likely the most common and strongly felt benefits during and right after a good massage. RuppMassage offers several therapies like cupping, essential oils, and an oxygen bar, to intensify your recovery and relaxation. Perhaps the therapy that packs the most punch is the Sunlighten Far Infrared Sauna at RuppMassage. Why? Because a far infrared sauna session (and to a greater extent, regular sessions following a massage) can maximize the effects of a good massage, and add a few health bonuses on its own). The far-infrared heat is different from a traditional sauna in a way that directly benefits your body. In far infrared saunas, the heat goes directly to your body instead of into the air. This helps your core heat up more efficiently, and won’t leave you feeling like you’re in a hot, melted fog. This intentional heat focus improves your circulation and relieves pain – it goes directly into your muscles and joints! The same heat technology used in far infrared saunas is the same used in neonatal ICU incubators! Adding a session in our Sunlighten far infrared sauna enhances your massage and can extend the recovery time and other healing benefits – those you feel and those you don’t. And now, RuppMassage is reducing the session cost so that you can experience the benefits for yourself. Here are a few ways you can prepare for your session:
  • Get a massage first. This helps jump-start circulation and muscle recovery.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink water before and after your session. You can also take water in with you.
  • Try not to eat first. For massages and far infrared sauna sessions, an empty stomach helps focus your body on healing and helps to maximize the benefits.
  • Relax.  During your sauna, you can meditate, read, enjoy music, stretch (as the room allows), and just relax.
Book your far infrared sauna session today. For a limited time, RuppMassage is offering a single session (30 minutes) for $25. When booking, you will need to book separately from your massage booking or feel free to contact me and I’ll arrange a post-massage sauna session for you.